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Top notable sites using wordpress platform

WordPress is not just CMS to create blogs but now people use this platform to develop from simple site to more complex sites. Million of sites now using this platform to get space in online world and now even many big brands also using this platform to explore in web world.

Some people still consider WordPress as unsecured and immature platform but If you go through below list of sites then surely you will get confidence about this platform.

Before I provide list of best WordPress websites, lets know how to check any sites are using WordPress platform or not.

3 ways to know if a Site is Built in WordPress

1. Check site source

Just right click on site and then select  either inspect or view source code and search WordPress or plugin. If you find any of the word that means site is using WordPress platform. 

2. By using Web browser extensions

You can use web browser extension like Chrome Sniffer  – for Google Chrome and BuiltWith – for Mozilla Firefox.

3.  By searching on site.

Now let’s know few best sites using WordPress sites as platform  including Government as well as non-government sites.

List of best WordPress websites

1. Techcrunch

techcrunch - best WordPress websites

Techcunch is one of top site for technical information and with high user database surely top in list of best WordPress websites.

2. BBC America

bbcamerica - best WordPress websites

3. Ebay Blogebay blog

One of the top ecommerce site also using WordPress platform and proving data securely.

4. Timeinc


5. Ford social blog

ford social wordpress platfrom

6. Sony music

sony music wordpress platform

7. PMIndia (indian government site)

pmindia wordpress platfrom


8. Judiciary UK (government of UK site)

UK government wordpress platform


nasa wordpress platfrom10. Microsoft news

microsoft use wordpress platfrom

Below more sites which use wordpress as platform to develop their website .


So by knowing Best WordPress websites,now you can use WordPress platform without any doubt of security or any compatibility. If your website compromise then main reason is your mistake or not following rule properly.

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